Praise from Parents

Comments from parents I’ve worked with:

“Ashley’s a potty training phenomenon.” (mother of child with Autism)

“I can’t thank you enough. You are a lifesaver” (mother of child with Autism)

“You are amazing at what you do” (mother of 3 children, one with developmental delay)

“I’m recommending you to everyone.”  (mother of typical child)

“It’s amazing…he finally gets it.’  (mother of developmentally delayed child)

“It is so difficult to find the words to tell you how much we appreciate your work-your patience, your commitment and your success!” (mother of child with Autism)

“You are the Super Nanny for potty training!” (mother of two children with developmental delays)

“You’re phenomenal.” (mother of 3 children, one with ASD)

“You are a true blessing to those of us who sometimes have kiddos who don’t fit the usual mold” (mother of typically developing child)

“I don’t know if he would be (trained) if it weren’t for you” (mother of child with autism)

“My daughter is doing great..thanks to you.”  (mother of two children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder)