Individual Consultations 

A Potty Training Consultation will discuss every thing you need to know about potty training including: use of positive reinforcement, general potty training techniques, teaching self initiations, bowel training, nighttime training and intensive potty training. I will also address any concerns. The consultation takes about an hour. The fee is $450.

Bowel Training Consultation includes: use of positive reinforcement, bowel training procedure, address any concerns. The consultation takes about 45 minutes. The fee is $400.

Specific-need Consultation: We can discuss your specific potty training need, which may include refusing to sit on the potty, using potty at school or in public, wiping, etc. The fee is $400.

Consultations are typically by phone and can be scheduled during the week, evenings and weekends. After the consultation, the information discussed will be sent by email. Payment is due at the end of the consultation and can be paid using Zelle, Venmo or check.